Update: Lady who accused Her Male Friend of Rape comes out with more proofs

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Remember we reporting a lady is accusing her male friend who’s about getting married of rape 10 years ago back then in their University of Nigeria, Nsukka schools days ?

She’s out with more proofs and backings to her claims .

She is claiming Femi raped her after buying chips and Sniroff worth #600. She said “He did rape her after buying those stuffs for her with him hitting her with a wood”

She shared screenshots of a chat she had with a mutual friend and wrote; 

The second time I posted about Femi Oloidi Raping me, his friend whom I met him through inboxed me.
This are some of the Chats. I can not and would not just come up with untruths…I promised that I will tell his wife. I guess they thought I was Joking. It’s left to her to marry a rapist and live with it for the rest of her life…

He already lied to a mutual friend that he will apologize but he did not.

He is still that person that raped me ten years ago.

She didn’t just stop there , she also hit out at those men who’d be coming for her .

So many “guilty” men are running around my posts trying to shame me. Oh no!!

I will shame you first.

A victim of rape has no shame…instead,the rapist is the shameful criminal.

You ask me why I’m coming out now? It’s because I’m Alive and I can “come out”.

Uwa is dead, like so many others and I know you would be happier if I died as that is the only way rape victims can get audience around these parts.

I was just 17- 21 during my years at UNN and I know how almost all my friends were raped.

To a lot of UNN boys, it was a sport.

I can remember their faces as I type…many of them, hiding under the cover of fraternity memberships.

I still remember the red light areas…Hilltop, udenigwe, Ezenweze…areas you learned to avoid going for visitation to any guy because you could become a victim.

If you know any UNN female student, do well and ask.

I will go live this afternoon to speak out loud.

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